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If your small business has just weathered a major disaster, there may be help out there in the form of disaster recovery grants. 

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But where do you find this money, how can it help, and what kind of disasters can qualify? We understand that weathering a disaster can take a lot out of you. Plus, you don’t have time to spend digging for dollars when you’ve got a business to run. With that in mind, we’ve put together the most important information about disaster recovery grants so you can get help — and get back to work.

What Is a Disaster Recovery Grant?

After a declared disaster, some government entities may offer disaster recovery grants — money that business owners can use to help get back to normal. The advantage of this type of funding from the government is simple: Grants don’t have to be paid back. 

The list of disasters that inspire these types of grants can be long, from civil unrest in the neighborhood where your business is located to wildfires, floods, or even a pandemic. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, for example, New York City offered grants for business owners to meet needs unmet by other programs, while the state of New York offered grants to business owners to provide economic relief in light of the COVID-19 shutdowns. 

Where Can I Find Disaster Recovery Grants?

Since disaster recovery grants tend to come from the government, going directly to the government is a great first step.

  • Search This massive database of government grants may help you find disaster help for small businesses from federal agencies such as Housing & Urban Development. 

Check With the US Small Business Administration. Better known as the SBA, this federally-backed organization administers small business grants in the wake of many disasters.

What About Disaster Recovery Loans?

Loans are another option in the wake of major disasters, and they can likewise be a boon for business owners who need the government’s help to keep their doors open. Loans can help with a number of expenses, including:

  • Economic Injury
  • Physical recovery
  • Mitigation assistance (to prevent future disaster from affecting your business)

Unlike grants, disaster recovery loans typically need to be repaid. Yet, loans with the government’s backing typically have low interest rates.

Does ClaimYourAid Help With Disaster Recovery?

Just as every disaster is different, so is every disaster recovery grant — the qualifications businesses must meet vary with each grant. The ClaimYourAid team keeps up with all the ins and outs of complicated government aid options so you don’t have to. 

Click here to schedule your free consultation with a member of the ClaimYourAid team to find out if your business qualifies for disaster recovery grant funding or for other government grants, credits, or refunds!