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Does your business qualify for economic relief?


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Could your business benefit from government aid?


We can help!

Have you applied for government aid and been denied?


We can help!

Have you applied for government aid and not heard back?


We can help!

Are you concerned you don’t qualify for government aid?


We can help!

Want to receive government aid but too busy to deal with the application process?


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Our Story

In 2013, my wife and I started a company in the travel industry. We were very fortunate to have built up a multi-million dollar business from the ground up. We were living the American dream. Then, the pandemic hit.

In a matter of days, all travel stopped, and our business screeched to a halt. With our family savings on the line, we performed extensive research on the many government aid programs available to small businesses – and there were many, but they were confusing!

Because of the various types of government aid we received, we are now on a mission to help other businesses that may have suffered a similar fate – hence was founded.

Since, we developed proprietary software to allow us to scale, now support over 35 aid programs, and have a full back-office team of accounting specialists and legal experts focused on disaster recovery programs (including the former general counsel of FEMA in our corner) to help your business claim the aid it deserves.

We help most business owners acquire over $70,000 from 4 or more government aid programs. Some businesses receive over a million dollars in aid money. These funds do NOT need to be paid back!

So, what are you waiting for?

How to Qualify

If any of these describe your business, we can help:

  • Restaurant, bar, or winery
  • Hotel, or bed & breakfast
  • Franchise owner
  • Construction company
  • Car dealership
  • Senior-assisted living
  • Doctor or dental practice
  • Theater or concert venue
  • Real estate agency
  • Travel agency
  • Retail store
  • Hair or nail salon
  • Workout gym
  • Dance or yoga studio
  • Technology company
  • Manufacturing company
  • Biotech company
  • Or, other businesses with <500 employees impacted by the pandemic
Don’t see your business? Contact us and we will let you know if you qualify for government aid.

How it Works

Complimentary Consultation

  • 15-minute Intro Meeting
  • Discuss goals & determine eligibility
  • No commitment required

File Your Applications

  • 45-minute Meeting
  • Meet your Success Manager
  • Walk through Applications together

Claim Your Money!


“I was surprised to learn during the initial consultation that my business was eligible for a government grant. The team at is super knowledgeable and patient, and walked me through the whole process from application to disbursement.”

Dr. Evans


“ made the daunting process of applying for aid extremely easy. I wouldn’t even have tried if it weren’t for their help.”


Owner of De Meza + Architecture, Inc

“When I learned how much I qualified for, I was shaking! The funds helped me qualify for are going to make a huge difference for my business.”


Airbnb Host

“I applied for aid various times without success. I am grateful that with on my side, I was accepted and funded by two aid programs within 15 days.”

Ana Luisa

Owner of Terra Bella Cinque, LLC


“I didn’t know that we would be eligible for aid, but after I spoke with the representative from ClaimYourAid I realized that actually that money is also earmarked for us.”


Oscar Law Office

“I would have never found the grants that ClaimYourAid found. And even if I had found them, I don’t know that I would have properly filled out the applications.”


Family Thrifty Carwash

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